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Welcome to our free subscription delivery program. We grow to order and harvest within 24 hours of delivery. All greens are soil-grown and pesticide-free.

Deliveries are every Thursday and can be scheduled for every 2 weeks or monthly. There's a minimum of 2 items for free delivery.

You do not need to be home to receive the delivery. However, you will need to place a cooler in an easy-to-find spot outside your house, preferably in the shade, on your delivery day. We will provide an ice bag with the first order which will be replaced with each order as you return the thawed bag in the cooler.

As a helpful reminder, we will send you an email or text the day before we deliver

Prices when subscribing:

2 items: $ 9.25

3 items: $ 12.50

4 items: $ 16.50

5 items: $ 20.50

6 items: $ 24.50

Call or email to sign up 

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